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  • Mount Olympus, the legendary mountain and birthplace for ancient Greek mythology. The residence of the 12 gods, the countless demigods and heroes, the Nymphs and the Muses.
  • The Medieval Castel in Platamonas that stands proud for 10 centuries now and is home to some of the events and happenings of the Olympus Festival.
  • The picturesque settlements of Old Ayios Panteleimon (Palios Ayios Panteleimon), Old Skotina, Old Poroi, Ampelakia and Litochoro, offering splendid natural surroundings and a breathtaking view.
  • Between Leptokarya and Skotina we find ancient Livithra, where, tradition has it, Orpheus was dissected and buried by the Muses.
  • Poulithra, a local festival in Leptokarya which takes place every September and is a revival of old Dionysian celebrations.
  • The wineries of Papsani and the Roads of Wine.
  • The Folklore Museum in Ampelakia.
  • The ski resort of Elatochori offering up-to-date installations.
  • The world renowned archaeological site at Dion.
  • The valley of Tempi and the chapel of St. Paraskevi (Ayia Paraskevi).
  • The Spring of Muses.
  • Meteora, immense rock pillars “suspended in the air” at Kalambaka in Thessaly.
  • The beaches in the vicinity. A coastline extending over 70km. (labeled by many, “the Greek Riviera”) exhibiting a great variety (thin sand, pebbles, pinewoods, wetlands) that abut in a blue and warm sea and are interspersed with settlements offering first class tourist infrastructures, a cosmopolitan ambience and wild nightlife.
  • The central poles of attraction for summer, night entertainment, catering for all tastes and offering a wide selection of bars, clubs, restaurants and shops.
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